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Herbal Hormone Balance

Herbal Hormone Balance™ - 750mg (100 capsules)

Studies in human and animals demonstrated Lignan's Anti-Cancer effects. Positive results on breast, prostate and colon cancer. This product is important supplement for menopausal women and andropausal men. Hormone imbalance is caused by the body's inability to produce correct levels of essential hormones for the body to function normally. We suspect this may be the main cause of faster aging process.

Traditional Herbal uses:
•Premenstrual Syndrome & Hot Flashes
•Estrogen and Progesterone Imbalance
•Endometriosis & Bleeding
•Fibroid Cyst
•Painful Menstruation
•Irritability Controller
•Breast Cancer Concern
•Bone Density & Osteoporosis
•Fetus Health

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